What do other expats say about us?

Peter 37, Japan

My wife and I moved to Amsterdam from San Francisco, and having Wendy being there to help us with the transition was invaluable She was empathic, knowledgeable, and always quick to respond. Through her we were able to find housing in less than a week, and she even helped us get set up afterwards, with things like registration and utilities. She understands expats, and even answered day to day questions for us that foreigners new to the country don’t know, such as how to use public transportation or where to pick up mail. For anyone moving to Amsterdam for the first time, I highly recommend contacting Wendy!

Filippa, 33, Sweden

Wendy has been helping us with different things since we moved here a month ago. We rented a nice and clean place from her in Amstelveen, and she kept constant contact with us throughout the time. She also helped us finding a new place in Amsterdam and been giving us information about other things new xpats don’t know of. I highly recommend her for xpats to connect with.
Best, Filippa

Ana, 27, Moldova

Wendy has done such a wonderful job finding and getting the perfect new place for me in Amsterdam! She has been helpful and attentive to details, taking into consideration all of my preferences and requirements. Before working with her, I have been on a search for a new apartment for months, needless to say it hasn’t been very successful. Wendy ensured a smooth and efficient transition, always replied in a timely manner and took care of everything from A to Z. Really has been a pleasant experience. Definitely recommend her!!

Thank you again, Wendy!

Rachel, 35, USA

Wendy is so wonderful and helpful! I recently relocated from California to Amsterdam for work. Having never lived outside of California, moving myself, my husband and our two dogs out of the country was a daunting task. My coworker recommended Wendy and she was a godsend. Rental norms are very different in Amsterdam vs. California, not to mention I don’t speak Dutch. Wendy used her connections and market savvy to help me find the perfect apartment in just 2 weeks. She is extremely nice, knowledgeable and helpful and I would highly recommend her to anyone needing a realtor in Amsterdam!

Ibs, 47, United Kingdom

The Netherlands is a great place but finding the right accommodation is competitive and difficult. Once went to a viewing with 12 other candidates. If like me you are short on time and not fully aware of where to find the best places to live then you need Great Expatation and in particular Wendy’s services.
Wendy was able to find me properties which were not easy to find on your general property websites. With her help she made the process of viewing apartments and eventually finding a great place in Haarlem allot easier.
The one criticism I have is …….there is none!
Truly a 5-star service. Just what people moving to a new country need. Thanks!

Theo, 29, Cyprus

Wendy is great at her job! She makes an otherwise stressful process of finding a home in Amsterdam so comforting. She is there when you need her and gets the job done, seals the deal. I highly recommend Wendy for searching and finding your perfect home in Amsterdam! I have already recommended her to friends who have used her services and have also found their perfect home in Amsterdam.

Vianney, 30, Honduras

Do yourself a favor and hire Wendy. Before she started helping me find me an apartment in Amsterdam, I had applied to over 10 apartments and used several real estate websites with no luck. Wendy was incredibly helpful, diligent, assertive, and efficient in helping me find a home that met all my requirements. And everything within 2 weeks of hiring her!

It was so easy to work with her. The communication was quick and easy even though we were in different continents, 8 hours apart.

I know for a fact that if Wendy hadn’t helped me, I wouldn’t even have been considered for the apartment I got (being an international student is tough) and would probably still be looking. Oh, and not to mention her amazing patience in answering all my questions. She’s wonderful! I recommend her 10000%!

Avita, 29 Latvia

I thought it will be nearly impossible to find something for myself in Amsterdam considering high demand, but not until I came across Wendy! She managed to come through quickly with a property ticking all the boxes size, price and location wise. I only went to see a property fitting my requirements, so no time wasted! I am currently living in a beautiful one bedroom studio apartment in the vibrant Oud-West overlooking the canal. I most definitely recommend her service and will reach out when it will be necessary again.

Mette, 28, Denmark

If you want a smooth transition to Amsterdam – Wendy is the help you need! I moved to Amsterdam as an expat without much knowledge of the rental market. I can without a doubt say that Wendy helped my transition to Amsterdam be a lot easier. I found the rental market to be very confusing, with a lot of scammers, and rental agencies putting up crazy requirements for tenants. With Wendy’s help, I succeeded in getting the apartment that was my first priority. If I didn’t have Wendy’s help, I’m sure the rental agency never would have considered me as a tenant. Besides helping me with getting the apartment, Wendy has also been a good help when I had any practical questions about my move. She has also been my contact with the rental agency and has helped me with any issue with the apartment. I can highly recommend Wendy! 

Anthanasios, 21 Cyprus

Having already lived in Amsterdam for a year, me and my girlfriend thought we were prepared for the challenge of finding a new place to live together. We thought wrong, and really didn’t have any hope of finding a new place until contacting Wendy. We were looking for a place for about 2 months before we gave her a call, in just over a week after talking to her we signed the rental contract for our place. Quick communication, fast responses, efficient outcomes. I know this is sounding like an infomercial, but there was absolutely nothing negative about our experiences with Wendy. Highly recommended!

John, 54, Spain

My wife and I were moving to Amsterdam and initially thought we could find a home ourselves – no luck and frustrating! We found Wendy along the way and after a scuttled offer we located a gorgeous apartment and she was able to focus all her energies on our signing it successfully – kudos and many thanks Wendy!