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Yep, it’s tough enough to be an expat

Being away from your home country can be very challenging, especially if you are living in a new country with completely different rules, regulations and customs. Therefore, we help all types of expats with things such as their relocation, housing, schooling, taxes and more that you will most likely run in to throughout your time in The Netherlands.

Our expat packages

At Great Expatation, we assist expats with all needs, from A-Z.  A new journey, a new country, new locations and habits, new languages. And that’s not even half of it. Let us personally help you to take part in your transition worry-free.

39+ services to make your life easy

Finding you a good temporary accomodation


Registration at the Town Hall


Organizing utilities


Organizing moving process


Immigration assistance for EU- and non-EU citizens


Support with getting a work permit


Support with getting a residence permit


Arrival & Departure services, airport transfer.


Applying for 30% income tax ruling


Setting up your bank account


Exchanging drivers license


(Private) Dutch lessons




Tenancy negotiation


Help with car import


Settling in assistance


Car rental


Vehicle registration and licensing


Handy man & Maid services


Concierge Assistance


Furniture rental




Office relocation


Pet relocation


Translation of documents


Accompanying & Translating


Book flights / hotels


Support with applying for a BSN


Guiding and helping family members around in the new neighbourhood, finding activities etc.


Organizing telephone, TV and internet access


Finding and registration to international schools


Finding and registration day care


Finding a babysitter or nanny


Applying for child benefits


Checking rental contracts


Inventory check in


Property maintenance


Property rent-out assistance


Consultancy and advice


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Interested in finding out how we can assist you as an expat? Get in touch with us and let us inform you about the way we can help you throughout your journey.

About us

Ever since I was a child I had a deep appreciation for what we Dutch call gezelligheid – get used to that word because you’ll hear it a lot in the Netherlands. The best way to translate it is that cozy feeling you get in a welcoming home or with good friends. With Great Expatations I want to make your move to, and your new life in the Netherlands super gezellig. Don’t worry, I’ll teach you how to say it.

Relocating to a new country is always stressful. With Great Expatations, I want to help relieve expats and companies of the stress involved with relocating and integrating to the Amsterdam area by handling everything from organizing all the legal documents, helping you find the right house or office, to arranging your movers, finding a great school and anything else you may need. Nothing is too crazy.

Also I lived abroad for a few years and I experienced first hand how it is as a newbie in a new country with a new language, new culture, different ways and rules. Lucky to have much free time in the beginning and having some friends over there I figured out everything by myself. But as an expat, coming for a new job I can imagine free time and lots of people you know is a luxury you don’t have. When i returned to The Netherlands I got more experience on this subject working at an American company, finding, decorating and opening their Amsterdam office and helping employers from abroad with paperwork and finding them a home.

Over the years I’ve built up a great network and knowledge regarding the ins and outs of relocating to the Netherlands and I’ll personally oversee your move every step of the way. I don’t stop at the practicalities. If you like I will even show you the best cafes, hair stylists, clubs and grocery stores in your new neighborhood and hook you up with fun social networks throughout the area. No one more then me understands how hectic and uncertain this time of your life can be and with my organizational skills, passion and experience I can help make your transition to your new life in the Netherlands great.

See you soon!

Your first friend in the Netherlands.


Let us greatly take care of all your worries.

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